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Political Platform

We the People


Our Trade deals are disastrous. While it is evident that we cannot survive without trading with our partners, common sense has to reign. How can we expect to survive and become profitable, if our trading partners are getting most of the benefits from this deal? Our trade deficits are soaring at an extraordinary level while Americans continue to lose their jobs everyday to our International competitors. What made America great in the past was our capacity to produce, but because of our yearning to please everyone, we are now becoming consumers which will inevitably cause us to lose our independence and power as a nation.


America as a country ranks 14 out of 40 countries in regards to education. If reading this doesn’t cause alarm bells to start ringing in your ears, then I don’t know what will. Do we really understand that the greatest nation in the world, rank behind many Third World countries? How can we maintain this status quo and call ourselves the most civilized nation ever created? For far too long our students and teachers have been left behind due to the expense of education and the disrespectful compensatory wages we offer our teachers. I propose a new deal with our College students. A deal that will not only benefit them but their country, and a deal to make the cost of education cheaper, while at the same time taking care of our pre-College education teachers. Their profession is just as important as our medical professionals. Let’s get teaching back to its prominence as the profession most sought after. In a sense, teachers are responsible for our young minds and the future of our nation.


America’s military prowess has for far too long taken a beating in the International community. When I see American soldiers on television bowing to Iranians soldiers, I can’t help but to think that the respect we once had is now disintegrating. Unfortunately scenes like this will become more prevalent. I can’t help but think that our great late President, Ronald Reagan, is now rolling in his grave at the sight of such embarrassment. As much as I want to lay the responsibility at the feet of President Obama, I can’t. It has been a slow and steady progression of many Presidents before him. It is time that America emerge as a proud and shining beacon on top of that hill again. We have to rise in prominence again without being the de-facto policemen of the world. While it is prudent to assist and encourage democracy, it is not our duty to get bogged down in wars to uphold it. We will assist, but each country has to fight to maintain their freedom. We did it, so can they.


We are among the highest taxed nation in this world and why is that? In one sense, we are bearing the burden for not only America’s debt but the debt of the world. The idea of America becoming an independent country was born out of the burden American citizens had to endure of being unfairly taxed by our British Colonial masters. Our forefathers understood that this burden was too heavy to bear, in so much that the weight of this burden resulted in the “Boston Tea Party.” Our forefathers fought that battle for us in the past and it is time that we fight again. Our independence has been hijacked by the elites and it is time we show them that the American people will not take this burden lying down. If we have to fight again, we will. Henceforth, I propose that the I.R.S. and the Federal Reserve which are not governmental agencies must be gradually phased out. These are private agencies making money on the backs of the American people and contributing to the persecution of the American citizen.


It is sad to say, but the America we know and have fought for on so many battlefields, is disintegrating in front of our eyes. The greed, disintegrating morality, ungodliness, corruption, wasteful spending, out of control entitlement programs, an out of control justice system, porous borders causing an abuse in our immigration system, drug abuse dependence among our citizens and last but not least the withering away of our civil liberties, is making America the land of the despots. Are we as citizens going to sit idle by and let our so called leaders drag us into an environment of despair or are we going carve out a new legacy to be left to our children. America is great, but no great country stays great, unless it is willing to continuously fight for its freedom and liberties.

Our health care policy is also a travesty. Obamacare does not work and has not worked. If we are unable to repeal Obamacare, we must amend it. Obamacare as it stands does not help the middle class. It has caused more problems than it has resolved. Right now, it’s all about the middle class. Anything that can be done to help the middle class in the way of tax breaks and investment, must be done. I do not support abortion except in the case of incest, rape or the life of the mother. At the same time, I do not think that it is the responsibility of the Federal government to legislate and enforce such policies. Such policies should be legislated by the States. What I do reject is the policy of tax payers’ dollars paying for any abortion.


China, Pakistan, India, Russia. All these countries that I have listed and more are now taken more seriously in terms of their wealth. Yes America I believe is still the most powerful country militarily but economically we are going down. This is not only shocking but unbelievable. In A sense, we have put ourselves in this predicament and only we can take ourselves out of it. Our support for our allies must be strong and o r support for the state of Israel must be unwavering. We are a blessed land because we blessed Israel and the day we forget that, is the day we cease to exist. We as a nation can’t take on the burdens of the world. Before we do that we have to save America first, then we can save them. Our strength lies in our people and our ingenuity.

While we have a responsibility to the International community, our concentration should be less in the area of being the de-facto policemen of the world and more in the area of nation building. For this reason, I do not think that being a member of the U.N serves our purpose. We give so much but get so little. American men and woman will not be used as cannon fodders for the international puppeteers. What has the U.N done for us but to ask the American people to make more sacrifices while others get richer. I reject the idea of allowing Islamic migrants into this country unless they can be vetted properly. Yes, America is a land of migrants and this should be continued. Unfortunately, due to the actions of Islamic Terrorists and their promises to seep into our society to cause us harm, I cannot support Obama’s policy to possibly allow Islamic terrorists to infiltrate our nation from Syria. This is careless and unwise. If we want to provide assistance, why is it so hard for us to help our Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering all over the world instead of those who disagree with our way of life?